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Homeowners Insurance Inventory

As a homeowner, Know Your Stuff® with help from the Insurance Information Institute (III)

Is your home secured with PJC Insurance Agency LLC?  We encourage all of our clients to back up your coverage with a free software res?ource


Once your home insurance policy is created, it's easy to let it sit in the background.  And while allowing you and your family total peace-of-mind is our priority, we also want you to regularly monitor your policy for updates and changes, just as we do.  This is particularly important for homeowners as they acquire assets and valuables over time that are not covered under your current policy.


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Homeowners insurance inventory, however, can be cumbersome and all too often discourages clients from taking advantage.  Capturing and detailing every item in your home takes time, but the benefit is invaluable.  Filing a claim is always unfortunate, but effective solutions are implemented far faster with proper documentation.


All insured homeowners are fortunate that thanks to the Insurance Information Institute (III), taking and maintaining inventory is significantly less of a challenge.  Dedicated to making insurance understandable for all, the III provides Know Your Stuff®, a free software program that streamlines the inventory process for all insured.


The software guides users through mapping their home, organizing by room, and easily capturing all pertinent information to secure your assets.  Whether at home in Springfield, Branson, and Joplin, or across the world, users have immediate access to their inventory, allowing them to quickly access, update, and review their inventory at any time.  If you're interested in seeing for yourself, watch the video above.


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If you have questions, feel free to contact an agent to learn more.

Know Your Stuff® is available on Apple iPhone and Android smart phones!  Click the button to learn more 


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